Born in ghaemshahr-iran /1977-

Member of society of Iranian paintings . (SIP)-

Member of the development of visual arts institute,-

-Director& executive producer of the first outdoors painting plan in Iran villages (art in villages)

To obtain Geniuse degree of artist in mazandaran in 2008.-

Member of Ghaemshahr Board directors of visual arts association.-

Supervisor of artistic group in Iran called Hajmesabz.-

Holding& participating in 100 group exhibitions.-

Holding 17 solo exhibitions.-

-Performance Environmental art named « human & nature »in mazandaran forests.

Publishing the book called pioneers of world contemporary arts.-

Publishing drawing book of literary & artistic immanent persons called-

(portrait by portrait).

Drawing of the book called « such as a green plant » by ZOhre publication.-

Pubilshing Domestic Journal of visual arts of Hajmesabz institute & gallery.-

To stablish Art school drawing & painting called Aftab & Hajmesabz in 2005.-

To stablish the first gallery in ghaemshahr called Hajmesabz gallery.-